Characteristic Traits Of Special Bonuses Offered By Cops And Robbers

Characteristic Traits Of Special Bonuses Offered By Cops And Robbers

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Cops and Robber is generally a slot game, which provides you the excitement while coming out of the cops and winning a lot of prizes. The game looks just like classic cartoon, but filled with surprises and actions. Given the fact, the bonus rounds of this slot game are filled with better surprises and even good actions. What cops and robbers slot offers you is nothing but the excitement of getting a big win, which is simply around the corner. There would be a lot of free spins and multipliers in order to keep you engaging.

 This seems to be a game, which could be enjoyed without any risks by players, who are a newbie to slots or just by those who are in a tight financial condition. With the help of flexible coin bet opportunities, even high rollers would also be capable of getting pleasure from this game. This game is just enough to remain you playing again and again, plus you would be pleasantly surprised with a number of little prizes, which seem to drip out of nowhere. The feature of hot pursuit bonus is particularly unique and you would surely appreciate this type of gameplay.

Bonus characteristics of cops and robbers:

Wild symbol: In this slot game, the wild symbol denotes the bulldog symbol. If you place this symbol, then the bulldog barks and offers you ax2 multiplier. It could also replace other symbols within the game so as to emerge up with a number of winning combinations. The scatter symbol is considered to be the only symbol, which you could not trade for this.


Free spins and scatter symbol:

If you land more than three scatter symbols over the screen, you would get the following free spins:

  • Five scatter symbols equal to 100 free spins
  • Four scatter symbols equal to 25 free spins
  • Three scatter symbols equal to 15 free spins

The best part regarding these free spins is, they could be re-triggered. This means that you will be awarded with another round for getting free spins, if you place scatter symbols at the time of free spins.

Safe cracker bonus: By landing more than three safe symbols on the screen, you can activate this “pick me” game. Then, you get to opt for any of these three safes with the intention to reveal a prize.

Hot pursuit bonus: This is arguably said to be best characteristics of cops and Robbers. By rolling some virtual dice, your robber character would able to move forward and in return, your prize depends on the landing position of the character.

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