Are sports betting sites really gaining popularity in European countries?

Are sports betting sites really gaining popularity in European countries?

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Yes, sports betting sites are slowly gaining popularity and acceptance around the world.  Companies that operate such sites are spending more on advertising. They have reached people’s smartphones via apps and even major banks are now supporting transactions with such sites.

Sports betting and gambling sites trying to reach more people with ads

Online sports betting and gambling portals are slowly becoming legal in European countries. In order to attract new players, such sites are spending ravishingly on advertising.  Analysts studied advertising data between 2012 and 2015. They found that the betting and gambling industry increased its ad spending by as much as 46 percent.

According to the data released by Nielsen, sports betting and gambling sites spent £118.5m on television ads.

Swansea East’s Labour MP Carolyn Harris recently interacted with journalists and shared her opinion on this issue. She pointed out that rise in ad expenditure indicated that betting sites are feeling the need to advertise. Logically, they also have the required budget.


Perhaps, the number of bettors who participated in betting during European football tournament has motivated these sites to spend more on ads. Plus, most of the governments in Europe have light-touch regulation for betting.

In 2007, Tony Blair introduced the Gambling Act and this allowed poker sites, online casinos and sports betting sites to show their ads on various platforms. Before the introduction of these reforms, only football polls, and National Lottery were allowed to show their ads on TV.

Campaign for Fairer Gambling’s Derek Webb interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about the issue. He pointed out that most of the gambling companies are based out of the UK. They save on taxes, thus, they can afford to spend money on ads.

Bettors are using sports betting apps

According to data released by research firms, more than 4.3 percent of iPhone users in the UK have some or the other sports betting app installed on their device.

Some of the most widely installed iOS sports betting apps are bet365, William Hill, Betfred app, and Paddy Power app.

Guy Rosen works as the chief executive with Mobile data expert Onavo.  While sharing his opinion about sports betting apps, he pointed out that authorities in the US are watching the UK market carefully as it is world’s best mobile gaming market. The US may soon legalize gambling using mobile devices.

Now, gaming industry experts are looking at the number of active apps instead of focusing on the number of downloads.

Many banks are allowing transactions with sports betting sites

Most of the credit card issuers and debit card issuing banks from the UK support sports betting site transactions.  People often use prepaid Master Card or Visa Card for such transactions. Other options like wire transfer, PayPal, and internet banking are also offered by some gaming portals.

Web sites that share sports betting tips

First-time bettors do not have to worry anymore as there are many websites that offer tips from professionals in various languages from Europe. If you are looking for such website that offers tips in German, you should visit



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